Assemble of engineering systems

Dear friends,

ESSE Company renders services concerning equipping of buildings and constructions of various functions with inner engineering systems and technical safety control systems. It carries out the function of a General Contractor concerning engineering systems.

ESSE conducts works from the stage of development to post-guarantee exploitation of objects and technical service of separate systems.

The specialist of the company have great experience of work at complex and important objects of oil extracting enterprises, military objects and governmental objects of various meaning as well as of commercial object class А+.

Work with us is the guarantee of assembly high quality and optimal technical decisions. 

We offer:

  • Assemble of ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • Development of ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • Development of smoke exhaust systems and air overpressure;
  • Development of fire alarm systems, alerting and fire fighting;
  • Development of heating systems, water supply and drainage;
  • Development of electricity supply systems;
  • Development of structured cable systems;
  • Development of video surveillance systems; 
  • Development of control systems and access maintenance;
  • Development of security systems and perimeter alarm; 
  • Development of conference systems; 
  • Development of dispatching control; 
  • Development of clock systems and radio fixation;


The best confirmation of superior positive experience of ESSE work is a longstanding cooperation with tens of the greatest local companies, hundreds of successful projects and positive comments of our clients.

There are no usual projects for us. Each project is unique for us and we develop it in details.

We can do our work and we love it.