Designing of engineering systems

Development of engineering systems

Dear friends,

ESSE Company renders services concerning development of inner engineering systems and technical safety control systems for the objects of various values. 

Great experience of our company’s specialists guarantees the highest level of issued project documentation. 

Priority area of our company’s activity in the sphere of developing-exploratory work is development of complex, highly technological systems at great industrial objects, from the concept to executive documentation.

We offer:

  • Development of ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • Development of smoke exhaust systems and air overpressure;
  • Development of fire alarm systems, alerting and fire fighting;
  • Development of heating systems, water supply and drainage;
  • Development of electricity supply systems;
  • Development of structured cable systems;
  • Development of video surveillance systems; 
  • Development of control systems and access maintenance;
  • Development of security systems and perimeter alarm;  
  • Development of conference systems;  
  • Development of dispatching control;  
  • Development of clock systems and radio fixation.  

Two technical-economical approaches to development:

It happens often that the question appears before the start of development – where to start at developing the concept of the system projected?

  1. From planned budget (often the budget does not allow to realize planned technical decisions to the maximum)
  2. From a technical task, proceeding from an operative task set (usually the cost estimate appears to be many times higher than a planned budget if to follow this way).

In the first case it is possible to get a result that does not satisfy from a technical point of view, in the second – to get the cost estimate many times higher than the budget…

What to do?

… address us and we’ll inform you and help you to save essential terms and time…

There are no usual projects for us. Each project is unique for us and we develop it in details.

We can do our work and we love it.