ESSE Services

Dear friends,

ESSE Company renders the services concerning complex equipment of objects with low-current, safety and engineering systems:

  • Closed circuit television system;
  • Control system and access management system;
  • Access management system for hotels;
  • The system of parking automatization;
  • The system of automotive transport automatization;
  • Perimeter security system;
  • Security alarm system;
  • Paging system;
  • Alerting service and evacuation control system;
  • Congress system;
  • Dispatch system;
  • Structured cable nets; 
  • Computer nets, nets of data delivery, telephony;
  • Clock and broadcasting systems;  
  • Fire alarm and fire fighting systems;  
  • Heating system, water supply system and drainage;
  • Heating points;
  • Technical service of systems;
  • Fire protection of constructions;
  • Equipment sale.

We offer:

  • Complex professional approach to tasks solution;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Optimization of solutions in accordance with technical requirements and the budget;
  • High professional level of project solutions;
  • High quality of fitting;
  • Matching of solutions to RF standards.

Service obligations:

ESSE Company renders guarantee and post-guarantee services of all equipment delivered nomenclature as well as it gives guarantees on executed works.

Technical service:

ESSE Company conducts the whole complex of works concerning servicing and modernization of systems at a client’s object:

  • Servicing of heat points
  • Servicing of ventilation and conditioning
  • Servicing of fire alarm systems, the systems of alerting and fire fighting

Technical exploitation of buildings and constructions  

With respect and with the best wishes to you and your business.
ESSE team.